Calling women writers and artists!

The Radical Feminist Coalition is seeking submissions from women writers and artists for our Summer 2022 issue of Radfem Magazine. You can see our submissions guidelines here

We have watched as our reproductive rights have been significantly rolled back in many jurisdictions. We have watched as an alleged rapist took his seat on the bench of the Supreme Court. We watched as a court case devolved into a misogynistic circus ring. Now, we watch and wait as the Supreme Court deliberates overturning Roe v. Wade, which grants us basic reproductive rights. 

Maybe you're angry. Maybe you're exhausted. Maybe you're a bit of both.

Whatever way you're feeling, we want to hear about it. Dust off your favorite bit of poetry or prose, that bit of feminist pop art you're especially proud of, and let us see it! You can even create something new for consideration in our magazine. We're open to most genres and art styles, as long as your work deals with womanhood or girlhood. Radfem Magazine is primarily a literary magazine, but we do feature visual art in addition to written works. Both fiction and nonfiction pieces and both poetry and prose are welcome in our magazine. 

Let's continue our tradition of amplifying women's voices in 2022.

Ready to submit your work to Radfem Magazine? Submit here!