Submissions Guidelines

Radfem Magazine is a literary magazine by women, for women. Literature is an important part of consciousness raising, which is why it is central to the mission of the Radical Feminist Coalition. We are dedicated to amplifying the voices of women.

Issues of Radfem Magazine are published online for free, with the option to purchase a print copy.

Submissions Guidelines

Who can apply?
Radfem Magazine is open to submissions by women and girls only.

What sort of submissions are welcome?
In short, anything that can be represented in a two-dimensional, static format. If that sounds vague, we intend it to be. Poetry, short stories, articles, photography, visual art—even sculpture as long as you can take a photograph of it. We are primarily a literary magazine, but we feature original photography and art alongside the written works and on the front cover.

Does my piece need to stick to a certain subject matter?
We’re looking for pieces that express the lived experiences of women and girls. What that means is up to you. We want to see your sorrow, your heartbreak, and in this turbulent political climate, we definitely want to see your rage. Angry women inspire women.

Is there a word limit for submissions?
We do not have a strict word limit. However, please keep in mind that the amount of space in a given issue of our magazine is finite when you choose what piece or pieces to submit.

What size should photo or art submissions be?
We prefer to publish photo or art submissions as full-page spreads. This means that the minimum width of your piece should be 2550 pixels and the minimum height of your piece should be 3300 pixels, though it can certainly far exceed either or both of those measurements.

Images that have a smaller width or height will produce a lower quality image, especially when printed. We may publish some smaller photo or art submissions in-line in conjunction with articles or poetry on occasion, but a higher resolution image will strongly increase the versatility of your submission. Please send us the highest-resolution version of the image that you have.

When is the reading period?
The reading period for the Summer 2022 issue of Radfem Magazine is June 15th through July 31st.

Are simultaneous submissions or submissions of content published previously allowed?
We do accept simultaneous and previously published submissions, but keep in mind that other magazines or publishers you submit your work to may have different rules. If you need to withdraw your submission, please contact as soon as possible. As for content published previously in other formats, as long as the rights of publication have reverted to you, then you can submit it.

All content submitted must be your intellectual property.

Are contributors paid?
As much as we would love to be able to pay our contributors, at this time, we do not have the funding to do so. Radfem Magazine is not operated for profit, and any and all proceeds are donated to organizations benefiting women and girls.

Submit your work for consideration in the upcoming Summer 2022 issue of Radfem Magazine here. The submissions window for this issue will run from June 15th through July 31st of this year.