The Radical Feminist Coalition is back!

Women and their supporters marching in a women's march.

The political climate when we produced our first magazine issue was certainly turbulent, but things have only gotten worse for women and girls since then. We have watched in horror as state after state has rolled back protections for women seeking reproductive healthcare, as an alleged rapist was appointed to the Supreme Court, as #MeToo imploded in a miserable display of weaponized misogyny, and now we brace ourselves against the 

Our hiatus has gone on long enough. 

Women will die if the protections of Roe v. Wade vanish. We cannot count on individual states to protect women. We cannot count on the Supreme Court to let precedent stand and uphold our rights. We cannot count on Congress to come to our rescue. All we can count on is each other. 

Giving each other a voice is an important part of consciousness raising. By amplifying each other's voices, we remind each other that even when the whole world seems to have gone mad, women are still listening. Women are still watching, raging at the inequity that wants to burn us. The whole world has not gone mad as long as there are those of us who continue to speak up against the madness. 

The Radical Feminist Coalition is back. We want to continue our work of amplifying the voices of radical feminist women and bringing us together as a community. Take that energy and that collective consciousness and bring it to the streets. Form feminist groups in your communities and take back what men are trying to take from us. 

We cannot let them win.